Spouse Visa Video Series

Day 1 Qualifying Partner

Today's topic: "Qualifying Partner" : In our first video we explore the requirement of having a "Qualifying Partner" who is considered able to sponsor you to come to the UK.  We also look at what requirements the applicant needs to meet also.  Watch it here

Day 2 - Suitability

 Day 2 - Is your foreign national partner a suitable person to be allowed to live in the UK? Watch it here

Day 3: Financial Requirement

Is your spouse / partner earning enough to sponsor you to live in the UK? Watch it here

Day 4: Exceptional Circumstances

This is where the "rubber hits the road" in law where we discuss "Exceptional circumstances". So what if you can't satisfy the Immigration Rules? Do you stand any chance of being able to join or stay with your loved one in the UK.  Watch here

Day 5: Leave to Remain

Having "Leave to Remain" means having permission to stay in the UK. So if you've been following our last four videos and you've satisfied all the criteria then you will now have your UK visa and be in the UK!  In this video, we explore your obligations and rights around being able to stay in the UK once you are already here. What are the criteria you have to continue to satisfy? What if it's too late and you have already overstayed..do you have any rights?  Watch it here

Series Playlist: Day 6 - Day 10

For our full playlist visit our YouTube channel and watch days 6 - 10 as we continue our deep dive into Spouse visas.

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